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Box Tops for Education

Attention Cumberland students, teachers and parents:

Box Tops for Education is sponsored by the Cumberland Parent Council.  Cumberland Elementary participates in the Box Tops for Education program, with collection deadlines in the fall and spring. All monies earned go directly to classrooms!

As a reminder, here are the rules for the box tops program:

  • Please cut neatly around the dotted edges of the box top logo.
  • Please check all expiration dates. General Mills will not accept any box top logos with expired dates.
  • Please don’t cut off the expiration dates. Not all box top logos have expiration dates, but if they do, they must be visible.
  • Please send box top logos to school in an envelope or plastic baggie with your teacher’s name on it.
  • Please collect only General Mills box tops (see sample above).
  • Box Top Collection Form